About MSU Grads

This wiki is the result of a collaborative effort among doctoral students and faculty at Michigan State University. It is designed to provide doctoral students and faculty in the College of Education with a central location where they can:

  • easily find information they need to access frequently
  • communicate information and ideas across programs and areas of specialization
  • engage in an active community of scholars
  • invite colleagues to participate in discussions or special projects
  • collaboratively solve problems
  • share quality resources

The purpose of the wiki is NOT to replace existing websites in the College of Education, but rather, to make things easier to find while fostering communication, collaboration, and the sharing of information.


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We welcome you to contribute! Please see the Editing Instructions on the left-hand side of this page if you need additional help in doing so, and don't forget to sign your posts by typing 3 tildes ~ in a row before you save the page. - chericem1 chericem1

Please e-mail the Innovation with Technology in Education Consultants (iTecs) if you have questions.