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Thinking Strategically About the PhD Process

Thinking Beyond the Dissertation - An insightful article designed to help beginning doctoral students think strategically about their doctoral work - chericem1 chericem1

Post-Graduate Work

Doing post-graduate work is one way to continue your scholarship. These links will take you to resources that will be helpful to you as you attempt to navigate the various steps in that process.

Finding the Right Institution

1) What kind of a career would you like to pursue that would allow you to capitalize on your studies in education? (The answer to this question will, in part, determine the kind of an institution you should consider attending.)

2) What credentials, qualifications, experiences, and professional contacts would contribute to your success in such a career? Are there particular institutions that would be likely to provide you with access to these?

3) Where are exciting innovations in your chosen field occurring? Are many centered in a particular institution or geographical region of the country?

4) Of the people who are engaged in the work of interest to you, who seems highly regarded by the field at large? Are they affiliated with a particular institution?

5) What kind of support do you need in order to build on your talents while strengthening your weaknesses?

6) In what kind of an academic environment are you most likely to thrive?

7) Are there particular institutions that seem to address many of these issues simultaneously? Which institutions provide the widest range of alternatives and the most flexibility?
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America's Best Colleges - U.S. News & World Report's national rankings - chericem1 chericem1