Post resources that will help doctoral students get settled in the College of Education at MSU here.

Getting Started - This link will take you to Dr. Mary Kennedy's Digital Advisor, where you'll find the most current info. on many things you need to know to get started here at MSU.

Building Access

Although the building is often open on weekends, a key is required to access upper floors. On football Saturdays, the doors to the building will be locked, and there will be DPPS "green coats" in the building. You will have to show an ID to enter the building. If you have a class, they will have class lists and will check student IDs against the class list.

Campus Maps


Talk with Lisa Coye in 301B Erickson Hall to find out which code is associated with your research or teaching assistantship.


  • EPET: See
  • HALE: See
  • TE: See Sarah McVoy, 321 Erickson Hall (for graduate students who have teaching assistantships)

E-mail Address

Change NetID - Every MSU student is assigned an MSU e-mail address (MSU NetID) free of charge. Click here for instructions re: how to change it (there is a $10 fee for this service)

MSU Mail - You can check your MSU e-mail by clicking on the link and logging into the system with your MSU NetID and password. You can set your user preferences to have all of your MSU e-mail forwarded to another account such as your home or Gmail account (strongly recommended)


Keys to Erickson Hall - Eric Mulvany, 510 Erickson Hall


  • For EPET
    • Doctoral Students:
    • For Faculty:
  • For HALE
    • Doctoral Students:
    • For Faculty:
  • For TE
    • Doctoral Students: Erickson Hall, 3rd Floor, Look for the sign that says: PhD Mailboxes
    • For Faculty: The majority are in Erickson Hall, middle of the 3rd Floor near the copiers, but some are in Erickson Hall, 1st Floor, Suite 118

Parking Permits (Note: Gate Cards cost an additional $20 and are only good for certain lots)

Server Space - Information about setting up your personal online storage space (a.k.a. AFS space) on university servers