Post information, resources, and tips for completing various program components on the corresponding pages below.

Annual Evaluation Form - Fill this out at the end of each year with your advisor

Forms - Link to TE program forms

Program Checklist - The overview of what you need to do while you're here

  1. Schedule of Courses
  2. Enrollment
  3. Guidance Committee
  4. Program Plan
  5. Comprehensive Exams
  6. Research Practicum
  7. Statistics
  8. Dissertation Proposal

See also: Your Research

General Resources

Departmental Websites

Digital Advisor

Graduate Handbook (for TE)

Program Personnel


Thinking Strategically About the PhD Process

Thinking Beyond the Dissertation - An insightful article designed to help beginning doctoral students think strategically about their doctoral work - chericem1 chericem1

Things SOMEONE Should Tell You - Use it to bookmark and annotate your favorite sites - you can access it from anywhere. Diigo is even more powerful and allows you to annotate and highlight right on the webpages--privately or publicly.

Google Scholar - If you don't know it, start using it--and take the time to learn about its advanced features!

JStor - - A good place to search for journal articles

MSU Proxy Server - Allows you to have access to journal articles you could normally only access while on campus from anywhere.

Zotero - Don't bother with Endnote--Zotero is free, flexible, works beautifully with Firefox, and can handle your literature, your data, and multimedia! Put EVERYTHING into Zotero, keep your notes on each article you read in Zotero, and take the time to tag your notes and attach the PDFs. It will save you TONS of time when you finally get to the dissertation stage.