Post information, resources, and tips for people who have teaching assistantships at MSU on this page.


Survival: Teaching Resources - Dr. Mary Kennedy's list of key information for new teaching assistants

Program & Policy Resources

Research on Teaching

Teaching Resources

  • Especially for Interns - Links that will be particularly helpful to beginning teachers
  • Evaluation Cookbook - Useful in thinking about assessment, program evaluation, and student evaluation from a research perspective. Links to loads of tips and resources. You can browse the information online (by function or by method) or download it all as one giant PDF file - chericem1 chericem1
  • Library Links for Instructors - You'll find information on creating stable links for electronic readings, discipline-specific resources, faculty services, securing copyright for electronic readings, etc.
  • Mentoring - Resources compiled on a different wiki that will help you support mentors
  • Pedagogy
  • Subject-specific Resources
  • Technology

Action Research

Campus Maps

Classroom Scheduling

A classroom will be automatically assigned to you if you are scheduled to teach a class. However, if it does not meet your needs, locate a classroom that contains all the equipment you need here , then contact Sarah McVoy in 321 Erickson at 517-353-6413 to schedule it.


Talk with Lisa Coye in 301B Erickson Hall to find out which code is associated with your teaching assistantship.


  • EAD: See
  • EPET: See
  • HALE: See
  • TE: See Sarah McVoy, 321 Erickson Hall (for graduate students who have teaching assistantships)

Faculty Leaders

  • Agriscience
  • Art
  • English/Language Arts - Mary Juzwick
  • Foreign Language - Lynn Fendler
  • Kinesiology
  • Math - Mike Steele
  • Music
  • Science - Andy Anderson & Gail Richmond
  • Social Studies - Avner Segall



  • For EAD
    • Doctoral Students:
    • For Faculty:
  • For EPET
    • Doctoral Students:
    • For Faculty:
  • For HALE
    • Doctoral Students:
    • For Faculty:
  • For TE
    • Doctoral Students: 301-E Erickson Hall, look for the sign that says: Graduate Assistant Mailboxes
    • For Faculty: The majority are in Erickson Hall, middle of the 3rd Floor near the copiers, but some are in Erickson Hall, 1st Floor, Suite 116


Check with the faculty leader for the course you teach to find out what meetings you should be attending regularly. Generally, these meetings will include the Opening Institutes, Instructor Group Meetings, Mentor Meetings, and Team Meetings.

Room Reservations

Server Space - Information about setting up your personal online storage space (a.k.a. AFS space) on university servers

Staff Directory

Standards & Policies

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships - Post available teaching assistantships

MSU Teaching Assistant Program - Workshop series for MSU TAs


If you are teaching in a building other than Erickson Hall, you may order portable equipment (such as projectors) for your classroom from the Instructional Media Center. They will send someone to set it up and take it down. Call 517-353-3960 at least 24 hours in advance, or fill out a request form and fax it to the number on the form.

For a lengthy list of additional technology resources, click here.

Literacy Exploration Stations - Handouts originally designed for TE 402 that can be used to facilitate learning centers re: new literacies and emerging social technologies

Team Websites


You can place textbook orders for your courses through Karen Gray in 355 Erickson or by phone at 353-0696. Contact the publisher directly for an instructor copy of the text.

University Policies (Academic Honesty, Attendance, Non-discrimination)